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Have you been planning of adding a gym to your residence or commercial facility? Blackbox Solutions are highly specialised in quality gym design & construction in all facets on gym and fitness facilities. Whether you are opening a small personal training gym or top strength conditioning facility, we have extensive experience in the layout, design and construction for any training facilities, gyms or training studios. Bringing in years of design and building experience, Blackbox Solutions’ professional team of designers and builders are highly specialised in the fitness facilities.

We offer our experience from the planning & design stage to construction and maintenance, making the best of the space that you have been available, helping you achieve the best facility that is tailored-fit to you requirement. We also provide personalised assistance in the equipment selection, outfitting and installation. You will learn the best and latest equipment that suits your needs ensuring your gym users can get the fastest results, fused with the safest and user-friendly environment.

From layout, design and construction to equipment purchasing and facility maintenance, we can help you manage all aspects of running a successful fitness & wellness project. Contact Blackbox Solutions for a comprehensive estimate for your gym or fitness facility project today!

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